rock1 [räk]
[ME rokke < OFr roche < ML rocca]
1. a large mass of stone forming a peak or cliff
a) a large stone detached from the mass; boulder
b) broken pieces of any size of such stone
c) any stone, large or small
a) mineral matter variously composed, formed in masses or large quantities in the earth's crust by the action of heat, water, etc.
b) a particular kind or mass of this
4. anything like or suggesting a rock, as in strength or stability; esp., a firm support, basis, refuge, etc.
a) Chiefly Brit. a hard candy made in sticks
b) short for ROCK CANDY
7. Slang a diamond or other gem
8. Slang crack cocaine or a single piece of it
☆ between a rock and a hard place
Informal in a predicament; specif., faced with equally unpleasant alternatives
get one's rocks off [< slang term rocks, testicles] [Vulgar Slang]
1. to experience orgasm; ejaculate
2. to feel any great or satisfying pleasure or excitement
on the rocks Informal
a) in or into a condition of ruin or catastrophe
b) in trouble or approaching ruin [a marriage that is on the rocks]
2. without money; bankrupt
3. served over ice cubes: said of liquor, wine, etc.
rock2 [räk]
[ME rocken < OE roccian, prob. akin to Ger rücken, to pull, push < IE * rek-, to project, totter (> ON, MDu rā, sailyard) < base * reg-, to put in order, stretch out > RIGHT]
1. to move or sway back and forth or from side to side (a cradle, a child in the arms, etc.), esp. in a gentle, quieting manner
2. to bring into a specified condition by moving or swaying in this way [to rock a baby to sleep]
a) to move or sway strongly; shake; cause to tremble or vibrate [the explosion rocked the house]
b) to upset emotionally
4. Engraving to prepare the surface of (a plate) for a mezzotint by roughening with a ROCKER (sense 5)
5. Mining to wash (sand or gravel) in a ROCKER (sense 4)
1. to move or sway back and forth or from side to side, as a cradle
2. to move or sway strongly; shake; vibrate
3. to be rocked, as ore
1. the act of rocking
2. a rocking motion
b) popular music evolved from rock-and-roll, variously containing elements of folk music, country music, etc. and now often emphasizing loudness, distortion, the use of electronic synthesizers, etc.

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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